Remote Patient Monitoring System

TABİP consists of artificial intelligence supported software and medical measurement device components developed in mobile and cloud architecture.

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With a single medical measurement device given to the patient in the TABİP system; the patient can measure his/her heart rate, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature and ECG from anywhere and send them to his/her doctor via the mobile application.

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TABİP System's Health Device: Globally Certified with CE, ISO, and Medical Device Certificates.

The health device used in the TABİP system has CE, ISO and medical device certificates valid all over the world. The measurement results and calibration of the device have been approved by independent laboratories.

Instant Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Monitoring with TABIP System's Device

You can monitor your blood pressure with the device used in the TABIP system. It will take you a few seconds at most to view your blood pressure measurement result via the TABİP application on your cell phone or mobile devices. You can also measure your blood sugar with the same device and view the result instantly.

All measurements are stored personally in the TABIP application on your cell phone or other mobile devices.

Instant Access to Your Health Data

Effortless Health Tracking

Securely Store Your Vital Measurements

Track Your Health, Anytime, Anywhere

In addition to your routine measurements with TABİP

In addition to your routine measurements with TABİP, you can also carry out follow-up procedures after hospital treatments. For example, you can monitor your blood oxygen level, heart rate and body temperature. Thus, you can shorten the time you spend in the hospital for check-ups and perform your check-ups at home.

With this health device that fits in your hand,

we can change our habits and then the whole world.

All these measured health parameters provide very important data for your doctor about whether things are going well in terms of health in your body. According to this data, your doctor will be able to advise you on whether you should go to a health institution or not.

What people are saying about us and our awesome digital products

Seamless Convenience

Vincent Smith


I am impressed with the convenience and accuracy of the TABİP system.

Being able to monitor my vital signs from anywhere and easily share them

with my doctor is truly remarkable!

Empowering Health

James Hilgaard


TABİP's personalized storage feature has been a game-changer for me. I

no longer have to worry about keeping track of my health measurements

manually. The app securely stores all the data, allowing me to access it

whenever I need to review or share it with my healthcare provider.

Life-Changing Innovation

Maggie Frennard


The TABİP device has made managing my health so much easier. I can now

monitor my blood pressure and blood sugar levels effortlessly, and

having all the measurements stored in one app helps me stay on top of my

health goals.

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